Rewards of Treatment

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The advantages of treatment one receives from New Start Recovery will positively motivate every part of the client’s life. Imagine the independence to enjoy life without the affliction of addiction and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Physical Advantages of Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction take a deadly toll on the body. Essentially, drugs and alcohol are poisons in the body. Abusing drugs or even alcohol can ravage the body’s functions and deprive it of essential nutrients eventually causing it to shut down and even death.

Once a client abstains from the use of drugs and alcohol for a period of time, physical improvements will be some of the first gains a client will notice. They will notice more energy, a brighter complexion, healthier weight and overall feelings of wellness.

Psychological Advantages of Treatment

With professional therapy and education, the client will begin to improve and gain a more healthy psychological state. Chemical abuse directly impacts the reward centers of the brain, making it hard to experience feelings of happiness and joy without use of the drug of choice. Through the use of therapies and practices, the brain will begin to heal itself while the client learns approaches and solutions to deal with stress, anger, guilt, and anxiety.

Family and Relationship Benefits of Treatment

Addiction does not only affect you but your relationships with family and people you are close to. During the treatment process, we highly encourage family to participate in the treatment process as much as possible. Family Education Groups and Family Therapy Sessions are integral in not only helping the client heal, but in repairing relationships that may have been tarnished from addiction.